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Did You Know?

A Shark has around 40 sets of teeth in their life time.

Sharks grow a new set of teeth every two weeks.

Humans only have 2 sets of teeth in their life time.

Walrus tusks are canine teeth that never stop growing throughout life.

Usually in mammals tusks are enlarged canine teeth but in elephants they are actually elongated incisors. read more

A beaver with nothing to chew on would eventually be in big trouble.
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Toothbrush bristles were originally made from the hair of cows.

The enamel on human teeth is the hardest thing in our body.

A mammal has 2 types of teeth called primary and permanent teeth.

Fun Facts

A human child will lose their first tooth around age 7.

Teeth in humans start to form before we are born.

A human baby has 20 teeth which start to grow at about 6 months old.

A humans front teeth are called “incisors “.

An adult human has 2 “canine” teeth that have points and are used for tearing.

Teeth are kept alive by blood and nerves.

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