Professional Teeth Whitening Options

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Are you tired of your teeth looking dull and discoloured? Perhaps you have an event coming up and you need your teeth to be pearly white. Many people have asked whether there are differences between take-home teeth whitening kits and in-chair laser treatment. At all of our clinics, we offer a variety of whitening options as well as information about take home and professional teeth whitening. However, understanding your options prior to treatment will help you make a better informed decision.

Professional teeth whitening: 

Having your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist produces faster and more reliable results compared to doing it yourself. This is because  in-chair treatments use a higher concentration of peroxide in the whitening gel and should be applied by a dental professional.

At the procedure, before applying the whitening gel, your dentist will clean and scale your teeth to remove excess plaque and other food particles. A rubber dam will be placed in your mouth to protect your gums and other soft tissues against irritation, and to make sure you don’t swallow the gel. Your dentist will then carefully apply the bleaching gel to the surfaces of your teeth, which is activated by an LED light. The treatment takes about an hour and is carried out in stages, giving your dentist the chance to check its progress and to decide when your teeth have reached the desired shade.

At-home teeth whitening: 

You’ll still need to see your dentist for an oral examination and teeth cleaning before using a take-home whitening kit, as the presence of plaque or underlying oral health conditions will affect the results. In some cases tooth sensitivity may be so high that you may not be a candidate for whitening… so it’s always best to do ask your dentist prior to booking an appointment. In some cases your dentist will also take impressions of your teeth, which are used to make custom-fit trays, or they may provide you with more generic kits that do not contain custom fit trays. (i.e. Opalescence).  These trays should be filled with the whitening gel provided and placed over your teeth for one hour per day or for as long as your dentist recommends. Your teeth will usually reach their desired level of whiteness in around two weeks.

What options are best for you?

This really depends on your needs, schedule, and budget. Both options provide great results, but if you experience high levels of tooth sensitivity, take-home kits might be a better option as the levels of peroxide and other bleaching agents are lower, you manage how much gel you use and how often you apply the gel. However, if you’re interested in quick results, our in-office whitening is a perfect option because the appointment is relatively quick and with our flexible financing options we make sure obtaining a beautiful smile is affordable.

If you’re ready to love your smile again, visit one of our convenient locations. We can help you decide which whitening option is best for you, so you can start showing off a beautifully white smile!

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